Independence Day

Every year we celebrate India’s Independence Day on the 15th of August with great enthusiasm and patriotism. It is the day to remind everyone of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to make our country free from the bondage of British rule. Our organization members and volunteers and people from the local community join our celebration which includes singing, dancing, delivering speeches on great men of our country, and various cultural programs. Through this celebration, we try to spread the message of peace and harmony for all and to inspire future generations to work toward the betterment of our nation.

Republic Day

Shaktishali Mahila Sangathan Samiti observes Republic Day every 26th of January on the organization premises. We celebrate this historic day to commemorate the spirit of democracy and freedom as on this day the Constitution of India came into effect. Our celebration starts with the president hoisting the Teranga and organizing various cultural programs, and distributing sweets among the local children. We also conduct awareness campaigns on the importance of upholding the values preserved in the Constitution and promoting unity, diversity, and inclusiveness.

National Girl Child Day

Shaktishali Mahila Sangathan Samiti celebrates International Girl Child Day ever 24 january in the Barmer district of Shivpuri. This celebration aims to raise awareness about gender inequality and advocate for the rights of girls. As our organization works towards empowering girls and providing them with equal opportunities in education, health, and social development this day remains significant for us. On this day, we organize various activities such as rallies, and cultural events to promote the importance of the girl child and encourage their active participation in society. We believe that every girl has the potential to achieve great things and should be given the chance to fulfill their dreams without discrimination.

International Women’s Day

Shaktishali Mahila Sangathan Samiti commemorates International Women’s Day every 8th March, as we recognize the invaluable contributions made by women towards the development of society. Our organization seeks to empower women by promoting gender equality, providing education and vocational training, and creating opportunities for women to participate in leadership roles. On this day, we organize events that celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness about the ongoing struggles faced by women in our society. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting the empowerment and advancement of women.